This master bedroom is a result of blending masculine with feminine and modern with antique in order to create a relaxing, yet interesting, environment. The masculine wall color was selected to give the room a dramatic feel, and it is balanced with the lighter and softer toned bedding and window treatments.

The chunky knit rug adds texture, and is contrasted by the soft velvet curtains. The pendant fixtures were chosen instead of lamps in order to declutter the nightstands, and to draw the eye upward to highlight the high ceiling and artwork. The modern nightstands and mirror blend seamlessly with the antique dresser and contribute to the collected feeling of the room.

The curvy, intricate woodwork of the dresser is echoed in the floral watercolor pattern on the pillows. For many, a ceiling fan is a necessary evil in the bedroom, but this fan is so beautiful that it contributes positively to design of the room with it’s structural shape and warm brass and wood finishes.