Bonus Spaces

This home theater was designed to be a place you could lose yourself in a movie, but that still looks good when the lights are on. The charcoal walls and ceiling help create an immersive experience, while the convex sconces with pin holes for light to seep out give off the perfect amount of light. This room was produced in partnership with Miestro Home Integration, and their smart lighting allows the can lights and sconces to dim or fade to off automatically when a movie begins or is paused/stopped. The rounded steps leading to the custom upholstered door with brass nail head trim and traditional theater-style round window set the tone for the room you are about to enter.

The kitchenette lobby outside of the theater provides a place for people to gather and talk and get a snack before watching a movie.

Giving extra attention to detail, even in a laundry room, contributes to home feeling truly custom designed for you. The laundry room is the perfect place to use a fun tile or bold cabinet color that you might shy away from in a kitchen. The crystal blue cabinet color feels clean and crisp, and the Moroccan cement tile is both beautiful and durable.