Kids Rooms

This little boy’s nursery was designed to grow with him by incorporating carefully selected details that feel young enough for an infant, yet not too babyish for a toddler. Budget was a strong consideration in this design, with many of the components coming from low cost retailers such as Target, Amazon and Ikea. Blending the mass produced items with unique artwork and a hand-made mobile make the room feel special, yet very livable. The retro-style alphabet poster, sourced from a children’s shop in England, was the inspiration for the room. The retro style and use of vibrant colors was continued with the vintage Disney movie prints and collection of vintage fisher price toys on the bookshelf.
Most of the toys belonged to the little boy’s sister, mom and grandmother, which makes them cherished additions to the room. The acrylic bookshelves are functional, yet attractive, and their slim profile turned a dead corner into usable space. The leather details on the mirror strap and dresser drawer pulls bring a bit of masculinity to the room, and will aide in the transition to a “big boy room” in the future.
This Playroom was designed to be a multi-functional space for children – a place to play with plenty of open floor space, a place for friends and cousins to sleepover, and a place to do homework and study. As this room is open and can be seen when coming up the stairs, it was important for it to be organized, easy for the kids to clean up and incorporate a kid-friendly style without being overly juvenile.
The built-in bunks and bookshelves were custom designed during the construction phase, with thoughtful use of bunk lights, library style sconces and geometric wallpaper further adding to their charm. The use of black and white with bits of bright colors make the board games, books and toys feel like decorative accents, and having them organized and visible make clean up a breeze.