A well-designed space should be both beautiful and functional and, especially in the case of a kitchen, should make your life easier.

For the aesthetic components of this kitchen a stand-out element was selected, the green cabinet color, to drive the overall design. The other finishes were chosen with the goal of complimenting, rather than competing with, the bold color. A whitish-gray was chosen for the island and bar to balance out the darker surround cabinets. Walnut accents were added to bring in warmth and texture and to highlight some of the features in the kitchen. Brass fixtures and hardware also add warmth and stand out against the green cabinets. The handmade terracotta zellige tile backsplash is subtle, yet still interesting, with it’s texture and color variation. The quartz countertops with large veining are light and bright and provide maximum durability. All outlets were hidden either beneath the upper cabinets, in flip down panels on the side of the island or in a pop-up outlet next to the stove, to prevent them from distracting from the beauty of the kitchen. The built-in glass china cabinet was designed to break up the wall cabinetry and provide a place to both store and display beautiful serving pieces and china. The glass side wall of the cabinet allows a glimpse of the pieces inside when facing the kitchen head on, and also gives a light feeling to the large cabinet. The sliding glass doors are unique and functional, and avoiding open shelving prevents the need for frequent dusting!

For the functional components of this kitchen, inventory was taken of the items that were to be stored in the kitchen, and consideration was given as to how often and when they would be used. Careful planning of what the inside of each cabinet would contain allowed the benefit of custom cabinetry to be maximized. Custom inserts were designed for the drawers to ensure optimal use of space and to keep all utensils organized. The locations of items within the cabinets were carefully selected to provide accessibility and efficiency. For example, everyday dishes are stored in a drawer directly across from the dishwasher, and when they are opened at the same time they are within inches of one another. This allows dishes to quickly be moved from dishwasher to storage drawer without having to take a single step! Bookshelves were incorporated during the construction phase to make use of what would have been a blank wall in front of a set of stairs. The modern sconce highlights the collection of cookbooks and provides a contrast to the traditional island pendants.