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Interior Design Emphasizing Client Experience

Interior design can be intimidating, frustrating and time-consuming. Mistakes are costly, and fear of making them can be paralyzing. We are here to alleviate your fears and frustrations and provide turn-key interior design services with an emphasis on the client experience.

We Know You're Busy

Most of our clients have demanding careers and busy home lives. They often come to us when they have reached their limit in trying to do it themselves and have seen financial investments in their home yield unsatisfying results. They are ready to hand over control and finally get a project done to completion, and to a standard they are proud to share with others.

Our 15-Step Design Process is Built on Trust and Service

Our 15-step design process ensures streamlined results that respect our client’s time and financial investment. Trust and service are the foundation of Lindsey Black Interiors, and we will make the process of achieving the beautiful end-result as enjoyable and low-stress as possible.