Hi there, I’m Lindsey Black, an independent interior designer based in Memphis.

I believe in not waiting until the kids are grown to have nice things, that you can have family-friendly spaces that don’t sacrifice style, and that a space isn’t complete without at least one vintage or antique item.

I’ve had a life-long love of design, and it was the process of designing and building my personal home that led me to establish Lindsey Black Interiors. By going through a 2 year custom home build, I was able to learn through experience about the process and challenges of home building. This elevated my skills from being able to decorate and style a space, to being able to successfully navigate a home build from the planning stages to move-in day. I left the experience thrilled with the results, but sad it was over, and hungry for another project. I started doing design on the side while maintaining my full-time job as a physical therapist, and within 8 months, I was busy enough to make design my full-time job. I truly love what I do, and am honored by every client that chooses to hire me and trust me with the place that is most cherished to them, their home. (Click here to read more about my path to becoming an interior designer)

I understand the importance of adherence to timelines, careful planning, anticipation of complications, and communication. I believe close attention to detail is what makes a project exceptional, and lack of focus on it can turn a project into a lost opportunity. I will obsess over the little things so you don’t have to, and those little things are what will set your home apart from the rest.

My style is ever-evolving, but is built on a foundation of thoughtful and impactful use of color, texture, and pattern paired with a mix of modern and classic elements. I work diligently to ensure a space is not only beautiful, but that it provides maximum functionality to suit the homeowners’ specific needs.

I believe it’s the mix of styles and price points, combined with incorporating vintage pieces and family heirlooms, which contribute to a space feeling collected, personalized, and anything but cookie-cutter.