The Scout Guide, Memphis

“AN ART AND A SCIENCE” : Each project has its own “story-telling moment” as you could say. Ideas are plucked from different elements contributing to the design piece such as bold fabrics, sentimental pieces, and often just the overall schematic of Black’s current canvas.

StyleBlueprint, Sept 2019

“THE ULTIMATE KID’S BEDROOM” : This is the most fun and unique project I have been asked to be a part of creating. When my client came to me with the request for a built-in playhouse, I didn’t know if she would really go through with it.

StyleBlueprint, April 2019

“INTERIOR DESIGNER CRUSH” : Lindsey Black started out as a physical therapist, but her dream to be an artist always stayed with her and was allowed to finally flourish as she and her husband designed and built their own home.

StyleBlueprint City Guide, Memphis

Built on a foundation of thoughtful and impactful use of color, texture and patterns mixed with vintage and modern elements, the unique style of Lindsey Black Interiors brings spaces to life.