2018 Gift Guide

Do you struggle with finding gifts and stocking stuffers for family and friends that are special, yet in that $20-$100 price range? Sick of always bringing an ornament or bottle of wine to dirty santa? I’m here to help! I have compiled a gift guide for hostess/dirty santa gifts, gifts for her, and gifts for him. All of these items are affordable, but are of good quality, and most are on super sale this weekend! Bonus, almost everything can be purchased online, so you can drink the wine you were going to give as a gift while you shop! I’ve made sure to include plenty of options from local businesses as well, because I think you can’t go wrong with a gift from a local, small business (and it’s small business Saturday, so please support your local small businesses!).

First Up, Hostess and Dirty Santa Gifts –

  1. These adorable mugs. How cute would a set of 2 of these be with some nice coffee?!
  2. Salt and pepper shakers. I brought a similar set for dirty santa one year and it was a hit. I wrapped a container of morton salt and ground pepper separately and had them open it first, so it seemed like a crappy gift, until they opened the cute shakers.
  3. This beautiful book. Incredible photography by local photographer Sarah Bell, beautiful floral arrangements from Garden District, and photos of the farms where they are grown.
  4. Fun, and super affordable, candle sticks that will match anyone’s decor.
  5. This hilarious book from interior designer Orlando Soria. I laughed so much reading this, and I love the color of the spine!
  6. Super cool coasters. I have 2 sets of these in different colors. They are functional and so pretty!
  7. The best smelling holiday candle. Yes, it’s basic, but no one was ever mad they got one for a gift.

Gifts for Her –

  1. Little vase from Paper and Clay. There are several color options, but I particularly love this deep teal. Bonus, these ceramics are made in Memphis.
  2. The BEST red lipstick. I wouldn’t normally advise buying lipstick for someone, but this red is universally flattering and is the smoothest, longest staying lipstick. I love it.
  3. Bath gel gift set from Molton Brown. I don’t typically like gift sets because it always seems like you end up liking about half of what’s in it and the rest is a waste. But, I got this as a stocking stuffer last year and I have really enjoyed it. I use them as bubble bath – they make tons of bubbles and all smell so good.
  4. Gold necklace. I have this and I wear it all the damn time. It’s light weight and goes with everything. Also, it’s affordable, and on sale, and the finish has held up well (often more affordable costume jewelry starts to turn after a few wears, but mine still looks great).
  5. Geometric gold earrings. These are from one of my favorite local shops, Falling into Place. Lightweight and great for everyday wear.
  6. Big ass fancy coffee table book. Great for adding a little bougie to your friend’s or family member’s house.
  7. Leather tote bag. A good everyday bag, in just the right color leather, and that isn’t too expensive so you don’t need a handbag raincoat for it (yes those exist and people use them). I have this bag and get compliments almost every time I carry it. Add some extra Southern-ness by getting it monogrammed for them.
  8. Selenite bookends. They go with any decor and I’m probably buying these for myself because I like them so much. Plus, they are 30% off this weekend!
  9. Grecian bust planter. This is a mini-version of the big one I have in my dining room. I also own this girl because I can’t pass up a decor item that involves faces. This is a great gift for a plant-loving friend. It’s unique and interesting and looks great on a shelf or table.
  10. Make-up eraser cloth. This thing is incredible. It takes off all makeup, including waterproof mascara, with just water. It would be a great little stocking stuffer.
  11. Skinny Taste Cookbook. Perfect gift for someone that doesn’t hate to cook, but also doesn’t have 2 hours a night to devote to meal prep. I have all 3 of her books, and they are all great. I’ve probably made the most out of this one, and they have all been good and relatively easy recipes.
  12. Fun and very affordable scarf. On Super sale this weekend and comes in lots of colors. Would also be a good dirty santa gift.
  13. Cute pom pom hat. My sister got this for me last year and I love it. Also on super sale this weekend and comes in several colors.

Gifts for Him –

  1. Pretty Decanter. Even cheap booze feels fancy when it’s poured out of this.
  2. Peg Leg Porker Whiskey. I think Whiskey is disgusting (I know, how did I go to UT and not leave with a love of whiskey?!), but Josh likes it and says this one is good, unique, and affordable. I’ve found it locally at Arthur’s.
  3. Mad Men style old fashioned glasses. I love the retro pattern. Pair the decanter and whiskey with these and you have a great gift for your whiskey-loving husband.
  4. Outer space silk tie. Good color, fun pattern, on super sale. Perfect stocking stuffer.
  5. Molton Brown men’s gift set. Again, all of them smell good and it’s on sale this weekend.
  6. Useful Book that’s also attractive.
  7. Fun dino socks. Another good stocking stuffer that is basically free this weekend.
  8. Wiseacre Memphis socks. From the local brewery that everyone loves, founded by fellow White Station Spartans. They have Memphis themed images on them and are so cute!
  9. PJ Pants. Dirt cheap this weekend. Every guy likes lounge pants.
  10. Memphis t-shirt. Josh is always looking for good t-shirts that don’t shrink or look like crap after 2 washes, and this one has met his requirements. I got it for both him and my brother for Christmas last year.
  11. Plaid Scarf. Men’s version of the women’s scarf I linked. A classic staple every guy needs, and so inexpensive.
  12. Hoff Hot Sauce. We first discovered this when we were in Chattanooga, and I’ve since found it locally at Dixie Pickers. A good universal hot sauce, not too spicy with a lot of flavor. Their BBQ sauce is also good. Another good stocking stuffer.


I hope these lists help make your holiday shopping a little easier. Please let me know what you think and if you buy any of the items I suggested (none of these items are sponsored, it’s all just stuff I like!).